PS4RS Legacy Initiative
PS4RS Legacy Initiative

PS4RS Legacy Initiative

Throughout the last five years, Penn Staters have learned a tremendous amount about ourselves, both individually and collectively. As we witnessed University leadership squander opportunities to correct a false narrative about Penn State’s role in the Sandusky scandal, we instinctively joined together to defend the integrity of good people, to restore Penn State’s good name and to place the spotlight on true lessons related to child protection. In the process, we learned that there is real strength in our numbers; that we are passionate, tenacious and resourceful; and that no matter the years of our Penn State experiences, nor the generations that may separate us, we share an unwavering love for and loyalty to our great alma mater. 


We Are…Success with Honor…For the Glory


These concepts mean something very real to each and every one of us. 


As we enter into the second half of a decade that has so far proven to strengthen our resolve and commitment to Penn State, it has become increasingly important to ensure that these philosophies – the very culture of OUR university – are preserved for future generations of Penn Staters


It is our obligation to guard the legacy of Penn State.


It is our Legacy Initiative.


A new venture, known as the PS4RS Legacy Initiative, has been created to do just that. Established as a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, and currently awaiting approval of its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, the Legacy Initiative is a completely separate entity from Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, and will be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


The purposes of the Legacy Initiative will include, but not be limited to: furthering the educational objectives of the Pennsylvania State University; fostering alumni connections to help maintain the University’s culture of integrity and camaraderie; and enhancing the University’s positive image and reputation by:

• supporting various alumni initiatives to review and disseminate important information relating to or affecting the University’s public image and reputation;
• monitoring the University’s operational and educational activities and communicating with students, faculty, staff and alumni to keep them appropriately informed about relevant University matters; and 
• raising charitable donations to create scholarships for deserving University students


The Legacy Initiative Board of Directors is comprised of the following Penn State alumni:


Linda Rauch Berkland - ​     BS Nutrition1987

Rudolph “Rudy” Glocker - BA Political Science, 1991

​                    MA Political Science, 1993

​                    MBA Harvard University, 1998

Christian Marrone - ​   BA Political Science, 1997

Dr. Elizabeth R. Morgan -​  BS Biology, 1987

​                    VMD, University of Pennsylvania, 1996

Maribeth Roman Schmidt -BA Journalism, 1988  


These are individuals who have proven to be dedicated to the best interests of Penn State and its supporters – students, faculty, alumni and community members. They are already working diligently to build the infrastructure of this new organization that has the potential to unify Penn Staters, energize the greater University community, and create a lasting legacy.


But, we very much need your help to be successful. 


Please consider a monetary donation that will set the PS4RS Legacy Initiative on that road to success.* With a formal launch of the organization in Fall 2016, our hope is to position the Legacy Initiative as an impactful and sustainable organization that represents all Penn Staters and strengthens the common bonds we share.


For the Glory,


Maribeth Roman Schmidt

Executive Director



*In December 2016, PS4RS Legacy Initiative's application for tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) public charity was approved by the IRS.


**Checks may be made payable to:

PS4RS Legacy Initiative
252 Green Road

Woodland, PA 16881

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